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B.A. 3 Dimensional Art & Psychology 

Bowling Green State University


Acrylic Painting & Finishing | Adobe Illustrator | Photoshop | In Design |Premiere Pro

Architectural drafting | AutoCAD | Concept design | Illustration | Mold Making | Metal Casting | Silicone Casting | Wax Casting | Linoleum Printing | Misfit | Water Color |

Wood Cut Printing | ZBrush 




Content Creator For                                                                                 November 2016 to Present

    - Conduct interviews with artists throughout North America.

    - Sell advertising space to artists and art businesses.

    - Use photography and videography to create content packages.

    - Use Adobe Photoshop to edit and format articles, videos and email marketing.

    - Team with developers to design and create applications related to business.

    - Host weekly online events through video to generate revenue. 

    - Strategically manage marketing plans. 

Freelance Graphic Artist                                                                                                 December 2017 to Present

   - Conceptualize business proposals to meet customer needs and address pricing options.   

   - Design web format​s and applications suitable to client’s business needs and highlight the features of           the product or service.

   - Create storyboards and visual concept maps to outline project goals and strategy.

   - Strategize online networking projects through Fiverr, Upwork, Youtube Affiliates, Instagram &                     Facebook for the sale of artwork, advertising content and graphics.



Illustrator For Healthy Planet Press                                                                                  June 2017 to Present

     - Collaborate with animator for optimum viewing of story. 

     - Design characters and concepts that produce fluid imagery based on script.

     - Work hand in hand with author of selected book to establish a time line and scope of work. 

     - Use methods such as ink and watercolor application to produce images.

     - Enhance and format images through Adobe Illustrator for peak color presentation.


Sales Representative for First Financial Insurance Group                                                  April 2016 to May 2017

     - Licensed in the sales of Life insurance within the state of Michigan.

     - Scheduling prospective and repeat clients through leads. 

     - Arrange proper financial plans focused on the client's needs.

     - Maintaining client relations through follow up appointments, check up calls and email marketing.



Customer Relations Manager for Buddha Ventures                                                     August 2013- December 2017

     - Manage customer relations through service calls and on site management.

     - Send and receive calls with prospective clients and maintenance issues.

     - Turnover units through cleaning and renovation of flooring, painting & ground maintenance.





2018 - Family Counseling and Shelter Services, Monroe MI

2017 - Wwoof USA (AZ, FL, GA, MI, NM OK)

2016 - Gleaners Food Bank, Pontiac MI

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