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Eco Arch Design

Single Unit Home

Solar + Grey Water System

How to solve The Low income housing crisis and food deserts?

Eco Architecture

Imagine living in a home where utility bills were absolute.


A home that would run off the earths power of solar and wind, with enough space to grow food year round. This home would be designed to care for its inhabitants and to let the best light and air pass through every room like nature's cool breeze. 


Each home designed within the Eco Friendly architecture standards creates greater possibilities for a energy clean future. Integrating earth ship technology with modern day living is the key to low cost housing. 


Build a city where every home is off the grid and each family has room to grow and cultivate their groceries and you will have the future of architecture. Eliminating food scarcity and securing families in homes for a life time. 




buildings with integrity.

"Renewable energy provides substantial benefits for our climate, our health, and our economy. It dramatically reduces global warming emissions, improves public health, and provides jobs and other economic benefits. And since most renewables don’t require water for cooling, they dramatically reduce the water requirements for power production compared to fossil-fueled power plants."

Building Homes That create and conserve energy.

Eco Arch Design

Single Unit II

"Creating small homes 

with big impacts."

Eco Arch Design

Monroe County Humane Society

Solar and Use of land

"to create a brighter more

efficient animal shelter"

Serving the public with clean energy spaces.

Eco Arch Design

Pop Mart Detroit

Self Serve Fruit & Vegetable Market

"reinventing unused space

within low income communities"

Using small spaces to make a big impact.

Eco Arch Design

Flex Fridge Stage 1

Renewable Appliance drawer Design

"keeping space waste free 

and organized within the home" 

Designing Appliances to Reduce Food and resource waste.

Eco Architecture

We can live in a world more sustainable than this. Produce less waste and pollute far less than we do. We can create a future where the sun keeps the lights on and extra water is used to grow bountiful food. 

I want to be a part of this world. And that is why I am starting now. Because I know that in time, people in our society will live more peacefully. Less stress over how bills will be paid each month or where there next meal is coming from. I believe there is a solution and that solution is in the design and development of self sustainable eco -architecture. 

"I want to harness the elements of the earth and design them for the people of the world, for hundreds of years to come. "

-Imani Dumas

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