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Concept Design

Visualizing the once impossible

From Concept to creation. Every Idea is a possibility in a realm of infinity.

I love bringing ideas into reality. That is why I practice it so often. Through patenting inventions and displaying works of art I am able to bring any idea into reality. 

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Video Production

Concept Rendering

Product Design


Website Design

Using art as a tool for persuasion. 

When designing websites the main objective is maximizing advertisment potential through the given space of a website. Creating visual depth and user friendly page is important to earning and success potential. Enhancing user experience is desired through smoothness of animations and visuals to represent the chosen company with grace and power. 

Single Page  Website Design

Tri Page Website Design

Product/Shop Website Design



Scheduling Content Calendars for email print and social media marketing while integrating relevant design and content for desired target audiences. 





The Key to any marketing strategy is a great visual and an inspiring message. If a company can influence their users to live the lifestyle provided by their product or service, increased user interaction will follow.

Using interactive advertisements (flash ads) is a great way to catch the viewers attention while increasing CPMs. Working with great companies and artist has expanded my marketing capabilities. Constantly learning and improving every day. 

Banner Advertisement

Full Page Advertisement

Email Advertisement

Pricing upon request.


Exploring the Beauty in Education

Using the method of ink and watercolor application I have worked hard to successfully illustrate 11 children books. Illustrations including Chomp the chimpanzee, Orange the orangutan, Moose and the Mountain, When I eat plants and many more. Each with strong messages of good nutrition, self motivation and personal struggle. 

Average Book Size: 6x9

Average Page Requirement: 32

Half Page Illustration

Full  Page Illustration

Cover Design

Pricing upon request.