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February 8th

Interview with an artist:

The Vibrant Work of Patrick Quarm

For the pattern and texture week I had the opportunity to sit down with artist Patrick Quarm to create a short promotional video for his collaboration with the Hauthous team. This is a glimpse into the visual world of this artist and the story of my journey to meet them.

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The time had come to branch off to more interviews and the day before my interview with Patrick Quarm was scheduled, I found myself without the camera crew I had anticipated and was working up the sheer courage to head out on yet another journey alone. I swallowed my fear and drove up to Detroit Michigan to speak with amazing visual artist Patrick Quarm, who's work I had not yet seen before.

After a direct drive I arrived at a church parking lot with one car parked next to a telephone pole to the west of the building and I decided to pull beside. My phone had lost power on the drive up and I found myself with a lack of understanding to where his studio was located. 

For a while it seemed that I was in the wrong place as I navigated door to door with piles of equiptment dangling from straps connected to my body. I finally reached the front door of the church that was open and decided to walk inside. The sound of emptiness engulfed the entry way with a few lights in the front room, branches of dark hallways and stairs to the left of me positioning downward into darkness. 

I yelled out "hello" and proceeded to walk the dark hallways, turning around when my fear of darkness would stop my heart. I wandered back to the front lit area and peeked down the stairs that seemed to be produced directly from a scary movie and proceeded half way down them when a thought crossed my mind. 

Questioning what I was doing and if I was even in the right place, I turned quickly back up the stairs and out the front door of the church. Looking back behind me with inklings of fear that glued my eyes to the stairwell. 

I arrived back to my car and went to turn on my computer to charge my phone but the sun was going down and time seemed to skip every other second in my mind. 

My phone would not turn on and I decided to buck up and head back inside the building and down those stairs with my gut driving me every step of the way. Once in the place where I had turned around in fear I called out and a figure appeared from a bright room and welcomed me with a smile. It was Patrick Quarm. 

We discussed the time and my lack of communication and I was met with a feeling of relief that I was in the right place. I laughed walking in to a grand open bright space which featured huge works that hung from the walls. Beautiful colors and shapes of bodies each with expressions that left a sense of mystery, as I had felt moments before. 













He was wearing a beautifully patterned shirt that resonated color and grace. He spoke with low tones and humor in his voice, smiling often while describing his works and his past experiences recently encountered. 

He spoke to me about his family, his vision and methods as my camera discovered each inch of the beautifully prepped and designed canvases revealing deeper the process of which was used to create them. I was impressed and stunned with the colors and materials used. 

Our time came to an end after the audio and portrait session that left me satisfied with my efforts to get to that moment in time. Meeting Patrick Quarm inspired me to create more and as I participated in that week's pattern and texture challenge, I was happy to be in the life I was creating one day at a time. 

In the future I have a goal to remaster this video piece. Increasing the volume of his voice when paired with the music. Ever striving for quality through presentation.

patrick Quarm_slide52.jpg
instagram_pattern & texture Revised.jpg

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