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February 1st 2019

Interview with an artist:

David McGuffie

For the color and space week I had the opportunity to sit down with artist David McGuffie to create a short promotional video for his collaboration with the Hauthous team. This is a glimpse into the visual world of this artist and the story of my journey to revisit the work of an artist who has grown with me over time. 

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I have grown up with artist David Mcguffie almost all my life. And till this day he remains one of my oldest friends. He has inspired me for years and the best dose of medicine has become an art and jam session in his Detroit studio as he plays the guitar and drums while I strum my banjo and sing. 

The company I had worked to build for the past two years was beginning a new journey in the product/service industry and I needed a boost of inspiration and creativity, so of course I turned to David who had fueled creativity since childhood. 





He was the first person I interviewed and after hours of charging my camera that I had accepted as "broken", we were able to piece together shots of his creative style and imagination in the small room of his house which held the makings of great works inside. 

Recording too much, then too little with the camera battery cutting out and having to retake shots felt like a crazed task that was interrupted with bursts of laughter and sips of tea. That day was a learning high developing how my style would resonate throughout my work. 

Just as our friendship has molded us over years of life, David helps bring my life greater inspiration through our forward conversations and relaxation through joy. He has helped me develop something where I feel the need to give to others who struggle when creating what he gives me when I seek out his input. 

Often times we face levels of energy that lack confidence, but the more we strive for help and greatness of not only ourselves but others, we grow in turn. 














I have seen what this artist does when determination is before him and often times strive for that kind of strength in execution. Artist David McGuffie's work continues to grow with unlimited bounds with deeper expressions of color and developing line work. 

I look forward to seeing the life of his art style and can't wait for larger works to be commissioned. 

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