UX/UI Design: How Hauthous users interact with the main page. Integrating advertising and large scale imagery to  support the archival marketing plan for businesses and artists for the long term. Hauthous.com is a direct click mobile site. Optimized to fit any mobile format. So as users scroll through countless pages of art, they experience a full galley feel with large scale high resolution images. With the beginning of motion art integration, Hauthous.com has seen an increase in visitor retention through the implementation of small and large scale art. 

Social Media Advertisement: Harnessing the reach of social media, informational banners are created to promote the company and the artists that is featured in our monthly and weekly marketing plan. 


Interview Videography: When our call for artist's project first began the decision was made to create a video segment that could be implemented into any website and utilized with Youtube. With the intention of expanding advertisement reach Hauthous.com would then see a boost in activity by harnessing the previously unused market. 

Adobe Premiere/Abelton

Banner Advertisement: External and Internal banner ads are created to further promote the articles and artists featured at Hauthous.com. 


Analytics: Each promotional event is received differently and we track the impact by using our Google analytics. This allows a overall view of how each marketing blast is impacting our users and who is receiving the most information. As an international company we study which countries and cultures are receiving our information and tailor advertisements to better suit our audience. Hauthous.com has ran advertisements in over 20 different countries in 8 languages and continues to expand the international reach.  

Google Analytics 

User Interaction Projects: When user interaction decreases new projects are developed to help transcend the user experience. Previously this has been done by the creation of our Art Contest Platform. Similarly designed for mobile it integrated popular flow scrolling with video and user activity. The development of this project has come a long way over the past few years and has been redesigned countless times to work through bugs and lag.